FENCE TESTER - Easy Fence tester timed light

FENCE TESTER - Easy Fence tester timed light

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Includes clips to connect the wire or poly tape
Indicates power on the fence for peace of mind
Visible from up to 1km at night and 100m during the day
No batteries required
Uses minimal power from the fence
The frequency of the flashing LEDs indicates the amount of energy on the fence. The longer the period between flashes, the lower the voltage on the fence
Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle. This allows the light to shine into the secure area only
Can operate from 0.9kV to 12kV
Can be used with most electric fence energizers

Plastic and water tight compound

Steel wire connectors
Black Fence Clips

Waterproof Housing

Flashing Rates
1. Flashing normally rate over ~7.5kV
2. Flashing at 25% slower than normal between 7.5kV~3kV
3. Flashing at 50% slower than normal between 3kV~2.5kV
4. Flashing at 75% slower than normal when less than ~2.5kV