D5 SMART Introduction



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A powerful combination of intelligent outdoor detection and HD, Wi-Fi camera that delivers a reliable alarm visual verification solution for home and business security. The solution is led by OPTEX's best-selling outdoor intrusion detection sensor range - VX Infinity - and is completed with instant notification, live streaming and recordings from the easy to assemble 180 degree HD camera module with night vision. The outdoor sensor and the Wi-Fi camera can be added to an existing alarm panel or be installed as a stand-alone outdoor intrusion detection solution and managed directly via an App. VXI-ST is the standard hardwired PIR.

Discover VXI-CMOD product benefits

Intelligent detection

The VXI outdoor intruder sensor series is small animal tolerant; it will not trigger if cats, dogs (medium sized), birds or insects are in the detection area. Its detection capacity will not be affected by variable lighting or shadows. Additionally, it features OPTEX Super Multi-Dimensional Analysis (SMDA) which can rule out environmental changes such as vegetation sway and weather changes. All those features make the sensor very reliable and therefore notifications will only be sent when a person or vehicle has been detected.

Instant visual verification day and night

The VXI-CMOD is a wireless Full HD camera module with 180° panoramic angle, with built-in infrared LEDs for enhanced vision at night. The camera streams live view of the event and will also record 2 sec. pre and 28 sec. post-event to determine if it is a real intrusion. A microphone is embedded with the option to enable/disable the audio, and there are zooming functionalities so the user can get a full picture of the events.

Optex vxi cmod camera view

Connect via OPTEX Vision App or third-party streaming

When the VXI sensor detects a person or vehicle, it triggers the camera module to send an instant notification to the paired mobile phone(s). Via the dedicated OPTEX Vision App, owners/ carers can conveniently access the live view and audio of the scene, view the recorded events (2 seconds pre-alarm and 28 seconds post-alarm) and share them. Featuring the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) the visual verification kit can be connected a wider security system, allowing the live stream of the VXI-CMOD camera module to be centrally accessed and recorded.