D10 SMART Gate Motor Steel Rack Kit -2xBattery, 4mRack, NoTX

D10 SMART Gate Motor Steel Rack Kit -2xBattery, 4mRack, NoTX

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D10 SMART Gate Motor Steel Rack Kit including 2 x Batteries & 4m Steel Rack

Excluding Remotes

Product Overview:
- The D10 Smart is a legendary high-volume performer for sliding gates up to 1000kg
- The D10 SMART now offers you speed, security, endurance and reliability, quicker and easier than with any other gate motor in the D10's class, thanks to SMART technology and wireless connectivity
- The intelligent choice in residential, commercial and industrial gate automation
- Now with award-winning SMART technology and with its powerful 24V motor and die-cast aluminium gearbox, the D10 SMART sliding gate motor packs a potential punch, providing excellent security on sites ranging from residential properties, townhouse complexes, residential estates, busy office parks and warehouse facilities

• Attractive styling - Sleek design and modern cover will compliment any driveway.
• SMART speed - Moves even the heaviest of gates like greased lightning, helping to protect against tailgating and ensuring safe and secure entry and egress from the premises.
• SMART hardware - Provides the best experience for installers with easy access to mounting hardware, backward compatibility (drop-in replacement) on existing D10 and A10 base plates, optimised cable routing and a dedicated accessory tray for complimentary solutions such as GSM modules.
• SMART connectivity - Set up gate limits, automatic closing and unique profiles for everyone using the gate.
• SMART SECURITY - The unit has a built-in vibration sensor that can be linked to an alarm that will alert you in the event of any tampering at the gate, potentially preventing the theft of the gate motor as well as break-ins.
• SMART diagnostics - The MyCentsys Pro mobile app connects wirelessly to the D10 SMART motor and gives you instant access to advanced, in-app diagnostics and logs, monitoring system health in real time and reporting on the state of the controller, batteries and operator power supply.
• Uninterrupted security and convenience - The D10 Smart comes with a dependable 24V battery backup system, allowing continued operation for up to 120 cycles during power outages.
• Operate wirelessly - The D10 SMART can store up to 1500 individual NOVA remote control buttons and with the My Centsys Pro mobile app the remote control database can be managed using the app. The App enables the user to effortlessly add, edit, delete and label remotes as well as setting up each individual button's associated functionality, for example opening a gate fully or for pedestrian access only

• Brand: Centurion
• Model: D10 SMART
• Compatible remotes: Nova 1 Button, 2 Button and 4 Button(Not included)
• Compatible backup batteries:2 X 12v 7.2Amp (Included)
• Compatible controller PCB: SmartX controller (Built-in)
• Compatible antitheft bracket: D10 SMART Bracket (Not included)
• Compatible safety beams: Photon SMART wireless beams (Not included)
• Compatible rack: Steel rack (Included)
• Input voltage: 90V - 240V AC ± 10% @ 50Hz *1
• Current consumption (Mains): 250mA
• Battery charger current output: 1.8A @ 27.4V ± 1%
• Maximum number of operations per day: 750
• Duty cycle - Mains present: 45%
• Motor voltage: 24V DC
• Motor power supply: Battery-driven (Standard Capacity - 2 x 12V 7.2Ah)(Included)
• Current consumption (motor at rated load): 8A
• Motor push force – starting: 40Kgf
• Gate mass – maximum: 1000Kg
• Gate length – maximum: 50m
• Drive Pinion: 17T Module 4
• Collision Sensing: Electronic
• Operating temperature range: -15°C to +50°C
• Onboard receiver type: Code-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
• Receiver code storage capacity: 1500 Remote buttons
• Receiver frequency: 433.92Mhz
• Degree of protection: IP54
• Gate motor dimension: 295mm(l) x 205mm(w) x 390mm(h)