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AJAX - Leaks Protect Water leakage detector

AJAX - Leaks Protect Water leakage detector

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Ajax LeaksProtect detects first signs of leakage within milliseconds and could save you from a very unpleasant and constly experience. It's installed without using tools, simply slide under washing machines and dishwashers, bathroom floors or place it in your in geyser drip tray. When water gets onto one of the four pairs of contacts on the bottom of the detector, you will receive an instant notification on your phone

Ajax LeaksProtect Wireless Leak and Flood Detector

Detector for the early detection of flooding and notifies you of an inflow of water within seconds. Energy-efficient, reliable and extremely long lasting.

  • Early detection of flooding
  • Waterproof with nickel-plated contacts
  • Uses authentication to protect against fraud
  • Tamper-resistant body
  • Users are immediately notified of unexpected movement of the detector
  • Operation confirmed by pings every 5 minutes
  • Alarms are automatically canceled if the water dries
  • Two-way communication with Ajax Hub allows for periodic testing and customization
  • Saves energy by regulating power consumption based on the distance from Ajax Hub
  • Has a battery life of up to 5 years
  • The quality of the connection and detection area can be tested remotely
  • Connects to Ajax Hub with a single click