AJAX - Fire Protect Smoke detector with temp sensor

AJAX - Fire Protect Smoke detector with temp sensor

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Ajax FireProtect is a wireless fire detector with temperature sensor that monitors twenty 24/7 and immediately notifies of smoke and sharp jumps in temperature

Ajax FireProtect Smoke Detector with Temperature Sensor

If you aren't protected against a burglary, you risk your valuables. If you aren't protected against a fire, you risk everything. That's why Ajax created the FireProtect smoke detector. It's easy to install and control, protected against sabotage and extremely long lasting.

  • Smoke detection
  • Rapid temperature increase (even without smoke) immediately activates an alarm
  • Uses authentication to protect against fraud
  • Tamper-resistant body
  • Operation confirmed by pings every 5 minutes
  • Can work autonomously without Ajax Hub
  • Saves energy by regulating power consumption based on the distance from Ajax Hub
  • Has a battery life of up to 4 years when pinging once per minute
  • Notifies users when it's time to dust the detector
  • Two-way communication with Ajax Hub allows for periodic testing and customization
  • Can be controlled and monitored via a mobile or web app
  • Has a built-in siren for smoke or heat alarms
  • No need to disassemble the body when installing using SmartBracket mounts
  • The quality of the connection can be tested remotely