D5 SMART Introduction

D5 Smart Introduction Video

The D5 SMART is a domestic and light-industrial operator designed to open and close sliding
gates weighing up to 500kg. A custom-designed gearbox moulded from robust engineering
polymers, coupled to a powerful 24V DC motor, provides fast and reliable automation for
entrances to homes and small housing estates.
The system operates off two 12V batteries housed inside the operator using a switch-mode
charger to maintain the battery in a fully-charged state. The batteries provide critical power
failure protection.
A non-contact Hall Effect Sensor was selected to ensure reliability and positional accuracy.
The Hall Effect Sensor is highly resistant to dust, oil, dirt or insect ingress, therefore ensuring
that the D5 SMART opens and closes gates reliably and accurately.
Advanced features of the D5 SMART logic controller include:
• Interactive graphic user interface via a smartphone application
• Automated setup of gate endpoints (limits)
• Independently-adjustable motor speed in both opening and closing directions
• Fail-safe collision detection and auto reverse (adjustable sensitivity)
• Smooth, adjustable start/stop (ramp-up/ramp-down)
• Multiple operational modes
• Selectable, adjustable Autoclose
• Pedestrian (partial) opening
• Positive Close Mode
• Independent safety inputs for opening and closing beams
• Automatic beam test for both opening and closing beams
• Advanced lightning/surge protection
• Onboard NOVA code-hopping radio receiver with full channel-mapping capability
(limited to 1500 remotes)

D5-SMART Sliding Gate Motor Brochure

D5-SMART Installation Guide

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